Using the Copier as a Printer

Copier in CS Building Mailroom

The copier in the mail-room of the CS Building can be used as a printer in limited circumstances.  The guidelines are listed here and were developed with the department manager and the department chair.  Due to technical limitations, we cannot enforce all of these guidelines via technology and end-users must police themselves.

Submitting / Checking / Canceling Print Jobs

Submitting Print Jobs

On Macintosh systems, the most common way to print is from within an application program, such as Safari. To send a print job to the default printer, use the mouse button to click on the File pull-down menu, click on the Print... menu item, make any required changes to the options, and then click on the Print button. If you wish to send your output to a printer other than the default, you can change the "Printer:" before you click on the Print button.

Using Printer Features

To use a specific printer feature when printing from a Windows system, one must choose the appropriate "Printing Preferences" either from the "Properties" window of the printer, or the "Properties" window available when printing from the "File->Print" menu of an application program.

Note that the suffixed print queue names available in Unix (e.g., xrx_232/simplex) are not available to Windows users due to the way Windows printing is supported by our print server software.


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