Initial Setup (using CUPS)

Note: Only registered hosts can use the printers in the CS department. Information on who is eligible to register a host and how to do so is here.

To configure a personal Linux system to support printing in the same fashion as the departmental machines, you need to set up 2 files in the /etc/cups directory. They are: client.conf and lpoptions. In the client.conf file, add a line that says "ServerName" Then, copy /etc/cups/lpoptions from one of the cycles machines to yours. For good measure you could, as root, give the service cups restart command, but that should not be necessary.

Note that the above has a couple of possibly-undesirable side effects, especially for laptop users: it adds *all* of the CS printers, and precludes adding addition non-CS (ie home, etc) printers. As an alternative, you can add individual printers using IPP using the following:


where [printer] is the printer you want to connect to; e.g. "xrx_232"