Printing Setup For MAC OS X

This page describes how to configure a MAC OS X  machine for printing in the CS Department.

Example adding xrx_232 on OS X Mountain Lion:
Bring up System Preferences, and click on "Print & Scan":

  1. Click on the "+" to add a printer.
  2. Select the "IP" icon at the top of the window.
  3. Type in the following settings for each printer:
    Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP
    Queue: /printers/xrx_232
    Name: xrx_232
    Location: CS 232
    Under the "Use:" choose "Other"
  4. Choose the correct driver for the printer you are installing. List of printers can be found at the end of this page. Download the driver using the list below and then select that driver PPD file. In this case we would add "xrx_232.ppd".
  5. Click the "Add" button
  6. Set any options for the printer you want to use and click the "Ok" button. Defaults will work in most cases. All printers have duplexing units.
  7. Printer should now be available in your printer list.

Note: When you choose "Select Printer Software..." the printer may not be listed so you will need to install the printer driver for that printer.

List of public printers available for use in the department:

You can also find the drivers for the CS printers here: