Setting up a new computer on the Computer Science network

Here are the steps to setting up a new computer on the Computer Science network:

  1. Register the host on the CS network for wired networking or using the University wireless network.

    When setting up a new computer for use on the Computer Science wired network the first thing you will want to do is register the host.  You can register a new host on the network by going to the "Host Management" form located to the left of this page.

    If you are going to use the wireless network please see this link.

  1. Install Operating system updates and software updates

    Once your computer has been registered and is working on the network make sure you check to see if the computer needs any operating system or software updates.

  2. Install additional campus licensed or open source software

    You can find additional software at the software page located here.

  3. Licensed Software

    If you can't find the software you are looking for on the software links it may be licensed software that is not licensed by the university.  You can purchase licensed software at a discount from the OIT software store located here.

  4. Printing
    If you would like to setup printing to the CS Department printing on your computer please see this link.