Quick Start Guide

The following is a quick start guide to computing in Computer Science Department. The quick start guide does not cover all topics and it is recommended that users consult the rest of the CS Guide for more complete information.

If you are just starting out the first thing you will probably need is a CS account. You can check this page to see if you need a CS account. Please make sure that your University OIT NetID has already been setup first before requesting a CS account because the Department requires the OIT NetID and the CS NetID match. Information on requesting a new CS account can be found here. After you have submitted your request for a new account the request will then be processed and an e-mail sent with your account information and a temporary password to login. The account is active for only a 24 hour period with the temporary password so you will need to change your password before that time by going here.

If you have a host or network device that you would like to use on the CS network then you will need to register it with the CS host database. If you connect an un-registered host to the CS network the host will be placed on the Network Registration VLAN which will direct all DNS traffic to a host registration web site to allow you to properly register the host for use on the CS network. If a host is registered in the OIT host database you will still need to register the host on the CS network.