Contacting Computer Science Technical Staff

Asking for Help

If your request cannot be addressed by using one of the forms to the left, you can ask for help by sending email to CS Staff at When asking for help, please try to be as descriptive as possible. You will receive a response to your question as soon as possible.

Requests for Software Installation

Requests for software installation on the departmental machines (cycles, ionic, courselab, or the Friend Center Lab) should be sent to Please include what you want installed, where you want it installed, what it does, and a pointer to an official ftp/web site from which the software can be obtained. Source code is always preferred but we will install prebuilt binaries if necessary. Be sure to include any licensing restrictions and how you intend to pay for it if it needs to be purchased. Lastly, please, tell us how urgent the request is and include any deadlines involved.

Reporting Problems

To report a problem (such as a broken computer or jammed printer) send an email message to When reporting problems, please try to be as descriptive as possible. Please include the system host name, your CS login ID, all error messages, and, if possible, how to reproduce the problem. All problems with Unix/Linux workstations, PCs, Clusters, Printers, Software, Networking, etc. should be reported by sending email to CS Staff.

In the event that part or parts of the department computer systems or the network is down and mail cannot be used the Status Information page describes how to check on current problems. Unreported/urgent network/email problems can be reported to a CS Staff member by phone at the appropriate office extension.