Enrollment Rosters

This information is primarily for instructors of courses in the CS Department.

Each day during the semester, we fetch enrollment data from the Registrar for COS courses and COS cross-listed courses. This data is used by the department to grant enrolled student access to systems such as TigerFile, to determine eligibility for accounts on the CS systems, and other automated workflows.

In addition, this enrollment information is provided to instructors and, in some cases, students as described below.


  • Enrollment data is PRIVATE and subject to privacy regulations. It must not be publicly posted or otherwise shared with others.
  • Enrollment data in CS systems is delayed (not real-time) and unofficial. Data directly from Registrar-maintained systems is the only official source of enrollment data at the University. Any updates to the data must be made through normal Registrar systems which will then be reflected on our next fetch.
  • If a student adds a course and then immediately (i.e., before the next data fetch) has an assignment due that uses TigerFile, an instructor can send an email to CS Staff and we can manually add them to TigerFile. They won't show up on the automated email or rosters described below (as that data is always a snapshot of the data from the Registrar), but they will be able to submit assignments through TigerFile.

Enrollment Email

After each fetch of data, enrollment rosters are compared with our previous version of the data. If there are any differences in the roster for a course, an email is sent to selected course staff. The email contains the new roster as well as a summary of differences (adds, changes, deletes). While the email uses the term "Drop" for the case where a student was on the previous day's roster but is not on the current day's roster, this may or may not be due to a student initiating a "drop" -- it simply indicates a difference between the current roster and the next.

To receive the enrollment email, course staff must have the “Enrollment Updates Email” box checked in the Course Staff section of the ADM site for their course.

Enrollment Pages - Password Protected

To make it easier for students to self-organize into pairs or groups for team assignments or projects, course instructors can allow their course rosters to be made available to course students behind a password protected web site. This is done by checking the box “Enable course enrollment webpage” in the ADM site for their course.

CS Staff has verified with the Office of General Counsel that sharing enrollment data in this manner is consistent with University policy.

For those courses that have enabled it, the enrollment data appears on a password-protected, SSL encrypted webpage. Visitors to the page must authenticate using CAS and their OIT NetID credentials. After authenticating, the system will only show enrollment data for which the user is authorized to view. In the case of students, it will only allow them to view enrollment for the courses (i.e., COS courses that have requested this service) that they themselves are enrolled in.

The enrollment rosters are available here: https://roster.cs.princeton.edu/

Course instructors can put course-specific links on their pages like this:


or this:


By default, course staff will not be able to see these roster pages as course staff have asscess to rosters via other (official) channels. That said, if enrollment webpages have been enabled for a course, course staff can view these pages if they also have the “Enrollment Website Access” box checked in the Course Staff section of the ADM site for their course.

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