Computing Resources

The department maintains 2 sets of servers available for general purpose computing:

  • Cycles Servers - suitable for CPU/Memory intensive or non-interactive tasks
  • Ionic Cluster - a traditional Beowulf cluster used for batch submission of non-interactive tasks

All the above systems mount home directories and project space on the CS file server and are accessible via SSH.

For researchers needing physical space for their own systems, the department has two co-location facilities that provide power, cooling, network connectivity, and rack space for rack-mounted equipment:

If you have desktop servers that you want to put somewhere other than your own office, the only options in the CS building (other than private lab space) are the areas in 318d and 418d towards the Mudd Library end of the building.  In general, 318d is nominally for the systems and networking groups and 418d is for the graphics groups.

Cloud Services

The University has a site agreement in place with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  See the following link for information about using AWS and charging it directly to a University chartstring:

If you are interested in using AWS in an academic setting, the University is also a member of AWS Educate.  Contact CS Staff for more information.

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