Changing Your Password

It's a good idea to change your password periodically. To change your LDAP or CIFS passwords, go to CS Password Change page in the CS Guide. You will need to login to the CS Guide to access the CS Password Change page which you can do by clicking the "Log in using CAS" button found on this page.  If you are logged into the CS Guide you should see the change password box on this page.  You will be prompted for your old LDAP password, then twice for your new password.

Special Account Files (shell environment)

Certain file names (files beginning with a ".") will not appear on your screen when you type the 'ls' command. However, you can see these file names by typing the command 'ls -a'. Some of these files serve special purposes such as setting up your computing environment when you login. The actual files used depend on your default shell. Your default shell was specified when your account was created. Common choices for the shell are csh or bash.

Do you Really Need a CS Account?

The short answer:  In many cases, no.

Because our infrastructure does not manage resources at a fine grain, anyone with a CS account can login to the cycle servers, access the file system (including world-readable files), create a web page, send email through our systems, request a database, manage a mailing list, and more.


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