Accounts - Who is Eligible?


CS undergraduate concentrators (BSE, AB, or PAC) may request the privilege of a CS account by filling out the "New CS Account" form to the left and selecting the account type, "Undergraduate CS Major or P.A.C."  More information is on the How Do I Request a CS Account? page.

Undergraduates who are not CS concentrators but who are taking a CS Course may request a "class account." This type of CS account will expire at the end of the semester. Note: not all CS courses require students to have CS accounts. Requests for class accounts will only be honored for courses that need CS accounts. For example, COS126 students do not need CS accounts.

Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff

Graduate students, faculty, and staff will be issued accounts once their OIT account has been created and issues with changing the account name have been settled. (hint: get your account name changed with OIT before you get a CS account! It will make life easier for everyone).

Guests of the Department

Guest accounts are created only under extraordinary circumstances when there is a demonstrated need that cannot be reasonably met using existing facilities. Guests may not request their own account. A faculty or staff member may request an account by following the instructions here.

CS Undergraduate and Graduate Student Alumni and Other Departing Account Holders

Effective March 1, 2016, the CS Department no longer offers "alumni accounts" in the form in which they used to be offered. Undergraduate and Graduate student alumni, as well as most other departing account holders, may now take advantage of a contact forwarding service.

This service remains subject to the following conditions:

  • any and all hardware issued to the account holder by the department has been returned to CS Staff,
  • we can successfully contact the account owner by sending email to the account address,
  • the account stays below our radar (is not compromised, bouncing mail to us, or in some other way being abused).

Details on the specific timing and maintenance of forwarding service can be found on this page: What Happens to my CS Account when I Leave?

What about "role" or shared accounts?

We do not create role accounts or shared accounts. Like guest accounts, these represent an additional administrative burden, a potential security risk, and a potential accountability risk (e.g., identifying responsible parties when there is a problem).

Role email accounts can usually be affected by using a mailing list with the proper settings (hidden, restricted subscription, etc.)

Does CS offer accounts to spouses or children?

Unfortunately we no longer give accounts for this purpose. We found that trying to keep track and maintain these accounts became too difficult to do.