How Do I Request a CS Account?

First, ensure that the person is eligible for an account (see: Who is Eligible?) and that the account is necessary (see: Do You Really Need a CS Account?). The next step varies by situation.

CS Undergraduates (BSE, AB, or PAC)

CS undergraduate concentrators (BSE, AB, or PAC) may request the privilege of a CS account by filling out the "New CS Account" form to the left and selecting the account type, "Undergraduate CS Major or P.A.C."  Those eligible are are listed on our CS Undergraduate Students page.

Students not listed but who very recently became a CS concentrator, should allow one full business day for their change in status to reach the CS systems.

If you are not listed on that page but believe you are an eligible CS major (BSE or AB), double check in TigerHub that your major is properly recorded by using "View Internal Transcript." If your listed major is incorrect, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator.

If you are not listed on that page but believe you are an eligible Program in Applications of Computing (PAC) student, double check in TigerHub by using "View Degree Progress" and ensure that there is a heading for Program in Applications of Computing.  If not, please contact the program coordinator for the PAC program as listed on the Certificate Program page.

If your record in TigerHub is correct (and you have allowed one full business day for recent updates) and you are not listed on our CS Undergraduate Students page, contact CS Staff.

If you are listed on the CS Undergraduate Students page but are having difficulty with the form, contact CS Staff.

New CS Graduate Students

CS NetIDs for incoming CS graduate students will automatically be created by CS Staff late in the summer and after we have obtained the their OIT NetIDs. We generally wait until students arrive so that they have an opportunity to change their OIT NetID before we create their CS NetID. If an incoming student needs a CS NetID earlier, please contact CS Staff.

New CS Faculty, Staff, PostDocs

New CS employees (faculty, staff, postdocs) who are within three weeks of starting must wait until we receive notice from OIT that an HR-requested OIT NetID has been assigned. We will then contact the new user and create the CS NetID.

New faculty members who have postponed their start date by more than three weeks can request an account by contacting CS Staff. We will then request an OIT NetID for the new user. Upon approval, we will then create the corresponding CS NetID.

The "three week" cutoff is to avoid a race condition where both HR and CS request an OIT NetID for the same person.

Class Accounts

If you are taking a Computer Science course that requires you to have a CS account and you are not a registered undergraduate or graduate student then you may request a class account. Class accounts expire at the end of semester and are deleted so please make sure you backup your files. If you would like a class account please fill out the "CS Undergrad Account" form located on the left sidebar of this page specifying the Class Account type and the CS course you are enrolled in.

Guest Accounts

Please (re-)read "Do You Really Need a CS Account?"

There are two kinds of guest accounts. A "funded guest account" and a "limited guest account". They are described below. In either case, to request a guest account for someone that does not fit into any of the above categories, please send an email to CS Staff. The message should include:

  • the type of account requested ("funded" or "limited"),
  • the name of the account sponsor (must be faculty or staff),
  • the name of the account holder,
  • their OIT NetID (or an explanation why they won't have one),
  • the business reason for the account (and why existing facilities won't suffice),
  • what resources will be used,
  • the relationship of the account holder to the CS Department, and
  • the expected duration of the account.

The request will be reviewed by the Computing Facilities Manager. In the case of a funded account, we will confirm with the Department Manager that appropriate financial arrangements have been made.

Funded Guest Accounts

"Funded" Guest Accounts allow full access to all the CS computing resources. Financial arrangements (e.g., a "share") between the faculty/staff sponsor and the Department Manager should be made in advance of the account request.

If the guest has never had an OIT NetID, we may request a University DCU account so that an OIT NetID is assigned. CS uses the same "name space" for NetIDs as OIT. Guests who do not get an OIT NetID will be assigned a name that is not in active use by OIT. However, the guest runs the risk that their assigned CS NetID may have to be changed to avoid a conflict in the future.

Limited Guest Accounts

"Limited" Guest Accounts are available for the cases when only shell access to the file system is needed. The typical case is to be able to install and maintain websites where file system access is required. These accounts are available at no cost and have the following attributes/restrictions:

  • Shell access (SSH) and a modest quota (128M).
  • Usernames are of the form "csguest######", where ###### is an RT ticket number.
  • Accounts may have unix group memberships as appropriate.
  • Accounts do not have access to the ionic cluster.
  • Users cannot request CS resources such as project space, mailing lists, host registration, etc.
  • Users do not have associated CS email accounts.
  • Users should not run computationally intensive jobs.
  • Users should not use excessive network bandwidth.
  • Users may not use their account to gain access to University resources that they are otherwise not entitled to access.
  • The user needs little or no support from CS Staff.
  • They come up for expiration/renewal at six-month intervals.

Note that limited accounts that consume excessive resources (excessive network bandwidth, excessive compute resources, excessive CS Staff time), will be required to convert to a Funded Guest Account.