Software Licenses

OIT has site licenses and volume purchase agreement software available to faculty, staff and students. Here are some links to OIT to find a  list of available software:

Princeton Research Computing also has licensed software and you can find a full list at

The newest versions of Microsoft Office is available via Office 365.  Please visit the website  Log in using your 'netid' email address and password. 

Many software packages are proprietary and have been installed on our computers under strict licensing agreements.

You should not copy software (to disc, tape, etc.), or make listings of these files in any form (source code, binaries, etc.), or attempt to modify them. Do not include system source listings in published works, including publicly accessible copies of your thesis. Do not attempt to send files to or take files from another computer unless you have been specifically authorized to do so. (This rule applies to all computers, and is not limited to those owned by Princeton University.)

Sometimes there is a legitimate need to do one of the things mentioned above. In that case, you should contact a member of; we'll be happy to review the relevant licenses and assist you.