Computer Science Building Room Reservations

Classroom Information for the Computer Science Building

For all room reservation requests, complete the University EMS room scheduling form located at: (Note: You will need to sign in by going to the upper right of the page to access the form.)

For priority booking on room reservations please add [COS-Internal] in the "Event Name" section of the form at the end of your event title.  An example event name would look like "COS126 Lecture [COS-Internal]"

Information and instructions on the EMS room scheduling system can be found on the following links:

Room reservation requests will be reviewed daily. You will receive an email confirmation when your request is approved.

For additional information or questions, please email

Computer Science building rooms available for scheduling:


Banana Room:

Room 003:

Room 104:

  • Dept Contact: University Scheduling
  • Scheduling:
  • Capacity: 147
  • Requires key: Yes
  • Equipment: Blue Ray DVD, CD Player, Data/Video Projection, DVD Projection, DVD/VHS playback w/o MS, Overhead Projection, Panel Microphones, Room Computer, Side-by-Side Slide Projection, Slide Projection, Tiger TV, VHS Projection

Room 105:

  • Dept Contact:
  • Capacity: 72
  • Requires key: No
  • Equipment: Data/Video Projection, Tiger TV, Barco, Microphone (Lavalier/Handheld)
  • Notes: Microphones are in a locked closet that requires Faculty/Staff from CS with a key to access and are not available for use outside of the Computer Science department.

Room 201 (Tea Room):

Room 233:

Room 301:

Room 302:

Room 401:

Room 402:

Friend Center building rooms available for scheduling:

Friend Center Room 125:

Friend Center Room 202:

Equipment Information for the Computer Science Building

Unified Communications: Telephone conference calling

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