Office Hour Room Scheduling (FC 010 and CS 003)


Beginning Fall 2016, the Computer Science department has configured and designated rooms Friend Center 010 (FC 010) and Computer Science 003 (CS 003) for office hours. These rooms are intended to be used primarily by Assistants in Instruction (AI) of COS courses who do not otherwise have an office (e.g., MSE AIs). If not used to capacity by AIs, Faculty, PhD students, etc., may, if they choose, use these rooms as well. The one notable exception is that COS 318 course staff (even those with their own office) may schedule one of the FC 010 slots for office hours due to the room's proximity to the specialized machines in FC 011 and FC 012.


Currently, the Department has designated room FC 010 with the capacity for 3 concurrent office hours slots and CS 003 with the capacity for 2 concurrent office hours slots.


Office hours can be formally scheduled from 10am-7pm.


Before announcing your office hours to your students, you must reserve a slot in a room for a time. Booking for these spaces is done through the CS Room Reservation form using the following links:

Once logged in through CAS, to book these rooms, open up the day, and select as many half-hour blocks as necessary: click the "+" next to the block and then click "Save". FC 010 can hold up to 3 simultaneous bookings; CS 003 can hold up to 2. At present scheduling off-hours (outside of 10am-7pm) is informal.

For additional information, contact Michael Estepp at