CS NetID and Account Information

Your CS NetID is your personal identification for using most CS resources. A CS NetID is required of everyone associated with Princeton University who plans on using any Department of Computer Science computing/networking resources. With your CS NetID, you are eligible for various computing services depending on your association with CS (i.e, student, faculty, staff, alumni, or other affiliate). Your computing resources include:

  • Access csguide.cs.princeton.edu page from which you can check your personal CS information (e.g., disk quotas, host information, department news).
  • Use of CS email accounts with forwarding options, along with other computer services (cycle servers, lab access, research computing, web publishing, lab access, dial-in modems).
  • Access secure applications/services required for department work.

In order to get your CS NetID account and password you will need to get an OIT NetID first as your CS NetID will be the same as your OIT NetID (but with a different password). Once OIT has setup a campus NetID you can fill out the "New CS Account" form on the left.

Why is a CS NetID necessary?

Your CS NetID verifies who you are when you use the many CS computing and network services. Such verification ensures the privacy of your personal information and restricts the use of resources to those for whom they are intended

Is it possible to have more than one CS NetID?

You have just one personal CS NetID, no matter how many different associations you have with Princeton University (e.g., student, staff, alumnus). Your CS NetID remains the same throughout your life. Your personal CS NetID is for your use only.

Can I change my CS NetID?

Your personal CS NetID is your permanent identification and may not be changed except in certain situations. If you feel you need to change your CS NetID you will have to contact OIT to change your OIT NetID first. When your OIT NetID is changed, contact CS Staff to make the corresponding change to your CS NetID. For information on changing your OIT NetID, see OIT's KnowledgeBase article and note that OIT will most likely refuse to change your NetID without a very good reason. Instead, you might consider setting up a Vanity Email Alias as explained in the article. Such an email alias, after being created at OIT, will automatically be propagated to your CS Account as well within 24 hours.  (Note that a vanity email alias does not change your NetID which you will still use for authenticating and as your Unix username.)


To get help or more information about CS or OIT accounts please send email to CS Staff.