CS Course Management

In order to streamline the process of setting up course related resources and services for courses, we have created a web interface to add course staff, specify various access levels for course staff, request TigerFile, computing resources, etc. 

To access this site, visit:


and login at the top right.  You should then see a link for course management; click on that link and then follow the link for the appropriate course.  

Please note that at the start of each semester the professor listed to teach the course on the course schedule will be setup as the "Course Manager" and they are the ones who will need to give access to others for each course.

After you make and review changes, be sure to click on the "Save Changes" button.

You can revisit this site to review settings and make changes as necessary.   Note that not all updates are processed automatically/immediately.  In some cases, the form will generate a well-formed request to CS Staff for handling.

Course Staff Roles

Here is a list of the different roles available for course staff:

  • Course Manager - This role is assigned to the professor of the course each semester. The course manger can make any and all changes for the course.  If you wish to delegate interacting with this form, add that person and select the "Course Manager" box next to their name.
  • CS Account Access - Allow shell access to the CS Course Account (cosxxx shared account).Individual course staff personnel must upload their SSH key using our key manager service.
  • Unix Group Membership - Membership to the Unix group setup for this course (typically used when editing course web content).
  • TigerFile Access - Instructor access to TigerFile for the course.
  • Enrollment Updates Email - Receive initial course enrollment and future updates via email.
  • Enrollment Website Access - Access to view course enrollment on the web. Requires that you enable the enrollment website via an option.
  • Grader - Graders generally have access to grade a predetermined set of assignments for a course. Used only as a classification - no functionality is assocaited with this checkbox.
  • Checker - Checkers generally have access to all assignments for a course. Used only as a classification - no functionality is assocaited with this checkbox.
  • TigerFile API Access - API access to TigerFile

Course Services

Here is a list of the different options you can request for a course:

  • TigerFile Options
    • Enable TigerFile - Selecting this will setup a TigerFile site for the course.
    • Enable runscript support for assignments - Selecting this option will setup the runscript option for assignments.
  • Enrollment Options
    • Enable course enrollment webpage. This allows students of this class to view the enrollment list, as well as any course staff explicity allowed above.
    • Include a machine readable attachment containing enrollment details in the enrollment email sent to course staff.
  • Computing Resources - Will the students need access to different computing resources.
  • Computer Science Accounts - Will the students in the course need CS accounts or other CS resources.
    • Students will potentially request CS accounts
    • Students will potentially request CS resources (project space, web space, mailing lists, software packages)