Requesting Storage Space

This section provides information on requesting (more) disk quota.  For central file storage, we classify storage in our system into three categories which are described on our Home Directories / Project Space / Scratch Space page.  In a nutshell, home directory space is generally for small, personal projects.  Project space is for well-defined projects that are either large, collaborative (with other CS account holders), or both.  Scratch space is a large section of storage available for general, but strictly temporary, use.  Email storage is separate from file storage; see Email Quota for more information.

Is this a request to satisfy a temporary short-term (under 2 weeks) storage need?

If so, consider using scratch space.  No forms to fill out and no waiting for your request to be processed.

Is this a request to increase the quota for an existing project space?

If so, consider whether this is actually a new project that needs its own Unix group (different access control) or if the new data will have different ultimate dispositions as the existing project space.  That is, if the additional quota will be for data that can be deleted or archived at a significantly different time than for the existing project space.  If either (access control or different data lifetimes) apply, consider requesting a separate project space with the "Project Disk Space" form.

To request an increase for an existing project space, use the "Disk Quota Increase" form.

Is this a request to increase the quota for your home directory?

While increases to home directory quota are possible, in nearly all cases, project space is more appropriate.  For example, a thesis can be considered its own project.  It is not a requirement that project space be shared by multiple people.  In addition, when you leave the University, your account and home directory will expire and be removed.  Keeping files related to a specific project or effort in project space makes it easier to transfer ownership to another member of your research group when you leave.

To request an increase for your home directory, use the "Disk Quota Increase" form.

Is this a request for storage that is to support a new effort/project, requires an associated Unix group for access control, or is a larger than a home directory quota?

If so, use the "Project Disk Space" form.