Video Recording of Classroom Sessions or Department Talks

The OIT Broadcast Center can record classroom sessions, entire courses, or department talks. Such recordings can then be posted within the course web site on BlackBoard.  You can find more information about OIT video recording services by going to

If you want a basic video recording the department does have a video camera available for loan that can be used to record events.  The video camera must be used to record events in the department and the camera may not leave the building.  You will have to reserve the camera by sending email to  Once your request has been scheduled you can stop by room 101 to pick up the camera an hour before the event.  The person making the request to borrow the camera is responsible for picking up and dropping off the camera to room 101.  CS Staff can copy off the recordings from the camera and offer you a link to download the content or put the video online using the Kaltura system.  The Kaltura system allows for streaming and downloading of videos and can be also provide links to embed videos into web pages.  The department also offers a media site that hosts all the videos that have been made available to users in the department.  The site is password protected and requires a CS account to access the site.  You can find the CS media site at: (CS Only) (Campus CAS Login)