Using the Computer Science Department Conference Phones

The CS Department has four PolyCom conference phones with corresponding phone lines. Three are in fixed positions and the fourth (roaming) is available to be set up in any other room upon request. If you are planning a meeting or event where you will need to use the roaming phone, e-mail at least one day in advance so that (1) we "patch" the phone line to the destination room, and (2) we note your reservation so that someone else doesn't make a conflicting reservation. Before your event, please come to room 101 to pick up the phone. When you are finished with the phone, please return it and the box to room 101.

Each phone has a dedicated phone number that may be used for incoming or outgoing calls:

Room Number           Notes
233 609-258-6067  
302 609-258-6276  
318b 609-258-7480 In the Systems Lab
401 609-258-6121  
402 609-258-6322  
Roaming 609-258-0130

 to reserve


If you have a single remote participant, he or she can call into the CS department on the appropriate phone number at the time of the meeting.

If you wish to set up a multi-party call, you can use the OIT Meet-Me Conference Call service. This service can be used to set up a conference bridge that up to 30 participants can call into.  Contact Michelle Medici to arrange the Meet-Me conference call line.