Network Registration System (NetReg)

NetReg is an automated system that provides an unknown host with limited access to the network, allowing the user to register the host before gaining full network access. Through a simple web interface, the user is prompted for their user identification.

If you plug your host into the CS network and the ethernet address is not recognized, the host will be placed on the netreg VLAN. When using a web browser on the netreg VLAN, all non-numeric URLs will be directed to the network registration web form to allow the host to be registered on the CS network. All other traffic while on the netreg VLAN is blocked until the host is properly registered and switched over to the main CS network. Once the form is filled out and submitted, then has to approve the host. After approval an email is sent to the user letting them know the host will now work on the CS network. After the host is approved you must rebooted or unplugged the network cable to create a link up/link down state so the switch will then put the new host on the CS network.

If you would like to find out more information about how this system works please see our paper that was presented at the USENIX LISA '04 conference.

Note that netreg does not work in the CS 002 Co-location Facility.