Backup Service (OIT TSM for Servers) or CrashPlan PCs and Laptops

OIT is now using a cloud based backup service called CrashPlan.  OIT provides CrashPlan to all faculty and staff university owned laptop and desktop machines.  Computer Science graduate students can also use the CrashPlan service for university owned laptop and desktop machines, instructions for setup can be found at the bottom of this page.  Please note that CrashPlan should not be used to backup servers.

You can find out more information about it from the following links:

CrashPlan Service: How to back up your computer and data:

CrashPlan Service: How to install the software manually:

CrashPlan software for personal use:

Server Backup:

TSM is a network-based backup service from OIT available to faculty, staff, and graduate students to backup servers. You can find more information about the TSM service at

CrashPlan OIT Policy for Computer Science Graduate Students:

The purpose of the Princeton CrashPlan backup service is to protect data on university-owned desktop and laptop computers. The university purchased sufficient licenses to cover faculty and staff employees, who are permitted to register their computers for the service.

The Princeton CrashPlan backup service has been extended to include the university-owned computers provided by the Computer Science Department to its graduate students, who will be able to register the computers themselves. The service is for university-owned computers only and the software may not be installed on personally-owned systems. All Princeton faculty, staff and students can protect their personally-owned computers by purchasing a discounted license from Code42, the vendor of the CrashPlan software. OIT reserves the right to cancel CrashPlan service for students who register personally-owned systems for the University-provided service.

CrashPlan Installation for Computer Science Graduate Students:

  • Download installers (win/mac/linux) directly from this link:
  • Send email to to request a CrashPlan account.  In the email please included the hostname and serial number of the computer you want to use CrashPlan on.
  • We will request the CrashPlan account with OIT and send you an email when you can logon to the system.